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The Judds Interview

(CSC) 1. Thanks for your time! What is the core message that you hope to convey to your fans and viewers with this brand-new docu-series?


(Naomi Judd)

Well I can answer as a 65 year old that this has given me an incredible perspective, the thing that I learned is to strip down and keep simplifying my life, and what happens is you begin to look at what’s unresolved, you actually have time in your introspection to look at the core issues that affected the way you were raised and you can reverse the curse if you look at the stuff that happened to you through adult informed eyes, and become a detective and put it all together and the lesson is you don’t take it personally. All the trauma, all the secret tragedies that I had happen, that I do reveal on the show by the way, I realize, and this may sound preposterous but I don’t take it personally, I started looking is why I was saying earlier, I became objective in looking at the people around me and discovering who they were and how they had gotten there; I would hope and all I can do is be myself and if this intersects with anybody else’s path, terrific but I discovered that I have to live in the moment, I have to keep it simple, I have to be real with myself and I have to understand what my emotions are because they’re driving my behavior.



My answer, from Wynonna, Naomi Judd’s daughter- the single most important thing I thought about yesterday being Sunday; family day, what Mom and I are accomplishing on this show whether it ever happens, statistically, successfully, to me what’s most sacred is that what Mom and I are accomplishing on this show is we are breaking a cycle of unhealthy behavior that’s taken place generations ago that I will see my generational blessings, if you will, and my grandchildren, what Grace and Elijah are learning from all of this is how to have a healthier relationship both with each other as siblings. Even this morning, I heard my son say, and I kid you not, “Mom what I heard you say is” and I about fell out of the chair. 


(CSC) 2. Tell us about your unique connection/friendship to Oprah Winfrey and why her OWN network felt like the proper home for the both of you!



We have been on the Oprah Winfrey Show eighteen times and over the years we have developed a strong friendship with Oprah and trust that her new network, guided by her vision, is the right place to tell our story.



It's about quality, not quantity, for me. After 25 years, I want to be with people that I really enjoy, that I trust, and that I know have my back. And I really trust Oprah as a person of business and personal friend. This is why I chose OWN.


(CSC) 3. Based on your own life experiences as mature and successful women, what personal advice can you give to all of the mother/daughters watching the show?



Affirm your daughter and acknowledge her unique identity and be present and equal in your conversations with her. Try to understand her motivations and sensibilities, before passing judgment on actions.



Honor your mother; spend more time being loved and loving than trying to be right; and agree to disagree.  One of the greatest gifts you can give your mother is listening. Take some time to hear and acknowledge what your mother has to say.



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