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Behind the Music: Exclusive Interview with Country Star Joe Nichols - March 2024

(CSC) 1. It’s great to be with you here on the road in Miami, Florida. What’s new in the world of Joe Nichols so far in 2024?

(Joe Nichols)

What's new? Well, so far, we've had extreme weather. We've done a show in Minnesota in about three feet of snow. And, we did a country music cruise where it's beautiful sunshine down in the Bahamas and no sea sickness. So that's good, and that's kind of how our 24 is kicking off!


(CSC) 2. It's hard to believe it's been two years (January 31st, 2022) since you released, “Good Day For Living.” Looking back, what are some of your most favorite memories from the musical journey of that record?

(Joe Nichols)

Wow! My favorite memories, gosh, you know the daily grind of the single “Good Day for Living” you know, it's like the little single that could. That song was on the chart for nearly a year and a half, and it was one of these songs that just, it would get up to 30 and people were like, oh man, that's probably gonna be it, and then it'd get to 29 and 28 and so on. Everybody thought that single would die in the 40s or 50s, but it just kept going and became another top 15 record for us and did really well. Got a lot of airplay! I think, you know, if the airplay would have all been synced up a little bit quicker, that song would have been close to number one, if not certainly top 5. 


(CSC) 3. Have you started working on and recording a follow up to “Good Day For Living,” and if so when can fans expect to hear new material?

(Joe Nichols)

Yeah, we have been working on follow up stuff and I'm excited about it because it's throwback stuff, and I'm always into throwback stuff. It feels like the early stuff that I did, and actually even further back on into nineties country. We've got a couple of good dance songs on there. One called “Hard Fires,” one called “Helpless in a Honky Tonk,” which is kind of right up my alley, you know, its that very George Strait country feeling, heavy on the steel guitar, good dance song. A lot of that stuff. I'm really excited about people hearing the new stuff. Vocally I'm in a good place too. So that's always helped me out to be really in a good place when we go in and do vocals.

(CSC) You said Hard Fires?

(JN) Yeah. Hard Fires. So, the line is old flames are hard fires to put out.

(CSC) When do you hope to have the album out by?

(JN) I think the plan is that this record will be probably out sometime late summer, early fall. So that's assuming “Brokenhearted” just keeps on trucking and we have new stuff, and ready to go in late summer. 


(CSC) 4. You’ve been in the business for over 25 years, looking back on the early days of your career, what has been the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned or been taught?

(Joe Nichols)

The most valuable lesson I've had to learn... A wise man once told me, and I don't know how over PG we can get here. I'll keep it PG. A wise man once told me, the most expensive thing you'll ever buy is your own bull crap. And I tell you what, over the 20 something years I've been doing that, that has been true to the core. And so, I've learned lessons over and over again to not believe my own lies that I make up in my head; what's good, what's not good, what's authentic, what's not authentic musically, business sense you know, it's just good to rely on other people and their wisdom. And, if you trust them, they're going to shoot you straight. And I'll tell you what, sometimes you don't shoot yourself straight, and you end up getting in trouble. 


(CSC) 5. You credit your wife Heather in helping you overcome the tough chapters of your life in dealing with addiction. When did you first realize there was a problem worth tending to and how did she aide your healing?

(Joe Nichols)

Well, it's been a struggle my whole adult life, I think. You know, I think, when I married Heather, I was fighting a good fight. I was trying and I just couldn't get there. You know, we were married about a month before I had to go and do treatment the first time. And it was one of those embarrassing things that, you know, media knew about. And, you know, here I was brand new married. And what does she think of me? But, you know, I had to do it. I had to go get, get healthy. And, that took for a little bit. It's one piece of the puzzle. I had to go out and do some more research and figure out, you know, I am what I am, and had another little vacation as I like to put it. And eventually over the years I learned what I just said, which is I can't lie to myself, and because that's an expensive thing to buy. And so, in doing so, I had to eventually get to where I could tell the truth to myself and ask God for help. And those things happened, and I’ve been sober since then.

Stay tuned for Part II of our interview with Joe Nichols later this month!

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