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Remembering Kyle Jacobs - One Year Later - 2.17.2024

Kyle Christopher Jacobs - June 26th, 1973 - February 17th, 2023

Reflecting. One year later. It's truly hard to grasp. Time on this Earth is truly a thief. The difference between the here and now versus eternity is something we'll never really understand until we depart this realm. 

A beautiful soul. A smile that defined the essence of a child of God, a talented spirit, a loving son, husband, brother, Uncle and friend to many. His life's journey concluded far too soon. The curtain closed before any one of us were ever ready to bid farewell to the man known as Kyle Christopher Jacobs.

Here we are, one year later, we all have our memories and stories to share. Happy, sad, interesting, comical, touching, meaningful, never forgotten and treasured forever.

I reflect on our numerous phone calls together with his beloved wife, Kellie. Laughs that we shared for hours on end, inside jokes and sharing our own personal joys, sorrows and life's tribulations.

Many nights I'd text you because I'm a night owl and you weren't. But you told me thanks to my late night texts, I've created a little night owl in you! Lol. We both loved Star Wars and all the Marvel type films. We'd talk about that forever. We also shared a love for nature, our Christian faith and dedication to our beloved country, the United States of America as proud patriots!

We shared a special moment the night you and Kellie came to town for a private event. Afterwards, we laughed and enjoyed music in the hotel lobby. You played on the piano while your wife sang beautifully. What a night. What a memory.

You made me feel so special and like a true VIP when you'd send me your songs in the making either by text or email. I loved being a part of your musical career and artistic pathway. I regret this wonderful opportunity for ending so soon. I really valued your immense talent as a top songwriter.

January 2022, I met you with my friend, also a Minnesota native for dinner on our way down to Florida. You gifted something I'll never forget and forever treasure, Divine Intimacy. It's the only thing I have to remember you that was given to me. Something so special and a gift I will love forever. We shared laughs and great conversation that night over dinner. A very special night I'll always hold close to my heart.

You made the most beautiful frame for my niece and Godchild's Baptism. Hand crafted, designed, unique, never to be forgotten, it was the most heartfelt gift ever by anyone!

The last time I saw you in January of 2023, we shared dinner together, you hid behind my mother and I when we took a photo like a little goof trying to photo bomb us! 

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at True Food Kitchen. We sat together, and my mother across. My neck was so tense and sore from the drive down to Nashville, you kindly massaged it for me which felt so great!... My gosh little did I know two women you've worked with in the past were sitting behind us that day! Can't imagine what they were even thinking! Lol!

I treasure the night you and I drove alone together to pick up Italian at Green Hills. We listened to Pop Rocks in the car and chatted about 90s music together. None of us liked the Italian dinner, lol, but I promised upon my return from Florida, I was making you and Kellie an Italian dinner.

That night that you and I with my mother sat together on the couch to pray was so special beyond words. I was in the middle, my mother to my right and you to my left, it was pure love, bonding, family, brotherhood, peace and a sense of unity.

We prayed the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy with Fr. Parker .. and you not even being a Catholic was so engaged and intrigued. You prayed, you sang, you listened, you cared, you were united with Christ that night.

I remember we were cold, I took my blanket and I extended it over you. To help you be warm, we shared that special exchange of kindness and love together. 

I remember you sang along with Fr. Parker, "Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus." How beautiful! God lives outside of time, and I firmly believe that He knew at that very moment in January of 2023 how that evening of prayer and adoration would be used for your eternal journey.

The morning my mother and I left for Florida, you were in the kitchen working on your laptop. I gave you a big hug, and thanked you for the hospitality. I promised upon my return from Florida, I would be making you that Italian dinner. That was the last time I ever saw you. The last time we embraced. I never would have imagined such.

I just can't believe you're gone. I miss you so much and pray for you every day without fail. I wish I could hug you, hold you, tell you how much I love you brother. 

I care for your wife and always will. I promise to look out for her and keep her close to our Lord. She's very special to me and always will be.

I feel and see you in life and in my dreams. I'm open so I know therefore you're allowed to send me signs and signals. There always around me!

I felt you this past week, I knew it was so, the wind was gentle and the breeze brought salutations to me from above, you shine, you emit great Light, you look down upon Kellie, those you love and myself.

I looked into the sky, clear blue, sunshine beams cascading all around, the ocean waves synchronized perfectly, and that beautiful blue beam orb, it was you and it was pure bliss! 

I'm grateful for our memories and these special gifts from above. You aren't here in the visual, audible or physical sense, but in spirit you are full force, within me and anyone who knew or loved you always.

Pray for me dear brother, I'll always pray for you. I love you beyond words and always will. Until we meet again, rest in the arms of Jesus Christ, our Blessed Mother and the Heavenly elect.

Love your brother,

Christian F. Scalise


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Kelly Loth Scalise
Kelly Loth Scalise
Feb 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a beautiful sentiment.

I’ll always remember what a gentle, kind person he was. Such a welcoming host while staying with him & Kellie. I can’t help but think of him every time I drink my vita cup coffee, that he so graciously served me while visiting in their home. May he rest in the peace of Christ. May Gods perpetual light shine upon & have mercy on him. Love & blessings 💜🙏🏼

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