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Lee Brice Interview

Enjoy Part I of the Lee Brice Interview - Part II will be available in late February 2024:

(CSC) 1. Thank you for your time! Your brand-new tour “Me & My Guitar” kicks off February 1st. Tell us about these very special intimate shows and what you’re most looking forward to!

(Lee Brice)

Yes sir! Well, I've just been playing music like that my whole life and just never really have turned it into a whole show. I love just kind of having those moments to where you know, you're connected with the fans on a whole other level, and so I’m excited about all that, but a big part too is we're going to play a bunch of songs that I don't normally play out when I have the band, I'm gonna play out a bunch of stuff that I love, that groomed me, that shaped me. May even be some cover songs that I grew up on that really were influences on my life. So, it's gonna be fun to be playing new music and be playing just by myself up there. I want people to leave there breathless. I want them to leave there, emotional and happy and not a lot of energy left (Laughs).


(CSC) 2. Compared to previous tours that you have done with a full band, without giving too much away, any sneak-peeks you could share with fans who are coming to the show!

(Lee Brice)

Well, there's a lot of little sneak peeks actually (Laughs). I mean we're gonna do some new songs and so I'll tell you this, I'm working on a record right now and I will most likely be playing at least one, if not two or three songs that are brand-new that nobody's ever heard, that will be off of this new record that I'm making. So, it'll be really cool to play brand new music, you know?



(CSC) 3. Congratulations on your album “Hey World” being certified Platinum! What a wonderful album of outstanding songs. I imagine it was also very sentimental having worked with your dear friend and producer, Kyle (Jacobs) on that project.

(Lee Brice)

Oh yeah! And you know, we've worked together before, well, all the time really. We've worked so much together. He had such a soul for music and we had kind of a connection on that level, a musical connection. And, those are days that I won't ever take for granted. Those are days that I'll remember forever and I appreciate. They were very special. He's not with us anymore, so we get out there, we keep doing what we do because that's what he would want us to do. 

(CSC) 4. What are some of your most treasured memories shared with Kyle through the years – both professionally and as brothers?

(Lee Brice)

We went down to a place called Rosemary Beach (Florida) a lot, and we would go write songs. We would go on these retreats, and everybody, you know, we would write all day long, work hard, and then everybody would kind of go to bed, and then Kyle and I would always end up at a piano somewhere, just me and him, and we would just create music, write songs; and those were really special times for me.

Other than that, he was a competitive guy, you know, we'd be wrestling around and some of that stuff (laughs), it's like little kids, you know.

Man, he just had a personality and a talent like nobody else! I was just telling somebody yesterday that you know, he wasn't a big ole tall guy. He was kind of short. We picked him up sometimes (laughs), but he made a humongous footprint in this world, and anybody who came in contact with him. So, a special, special human being. And his wife Kellie (Pickler) is a sweet, sweet special spirit.


(CSC) 5. It’s hard to believe it will be a year since Kyle has been gone. Other than the heartfelt ballad “Save The Roses,” how do you plan or would like to continue to honor his legacy?

(Lee Brice)

Well, you know, it's gonna be hard, but it's also going to be easy to make music and make records because you know, like I said, he and I had a really cool chemistry when it came to writing songs. We would write songs and I would go to say something and he would spit it out first or opposite, vice versa. When we went to play different chords, nobody knew what the chords coming next that we were writing, but he and I would somehow get on the same chords, our brains just were sort of on the same level. So, I'm going to keep doing that, keep doing what I do. And every time I do, I swear, it just, you know, reminds me of him.


(CSC) 6. Back to the music, it’s been over 3 years since you last released a new record – when and what can fans expect regarding new music in 2024!?

(Lee Brice)

I believe March 1st, we’ll have our next single, as of right now, it's called “Drinking Buddies.”  It's a collaboration with Nate Smith and Hailey Winters. And it's gonna be really fun! And you know that's going to be the kickoff. So, our goal is to put the whole record out in fall! Man, this record is so good. I always try to better myself. I always hope I can, you know, I feel like this record is as good or better than anything we've ever done. And so, I'm just really excited about it!

(CSC) When specifically, do you hope to have the record released?!

(Lee Brice) Yeah! Probably August 2024.

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