Tim Cobb Interview

(CSC) 1. Thanks for your time. We know you sure are a busy man! How has life been treating you and what’s new in your world?!?

(Tim Cobb) Very flattered and honored to be talking with CSC! Everyday is something new in my world. That is what I love most about it......something new everyday, and nothing predictable... Right now I have been trying to catch up on chores AND rest from the recent west coast tour.


(CSC) 2. Having worked with the beloved Loretta Lynn for many years now what do you treasure about the relationship you two have?

(Tim Cobb) After all these years I cherish that she is like family. She is a sister that I fuss with and she loves that. Ha. I cherish that she is truly as down to earth as most would believe her to be. I am very blessed.


(CSC) 3. Prior to working with Loretta, you were well known for making exquisite gowns for beauty pageants. Where did the original fascination for fashion come from?

(Tim Cobb) Too funny, but, it all started with my sister, Deneen, being the proverbial “Southern Beauty Queen” pageant girl. I saw what my mom was spending for her gowns and saw dollar signs, thinking that I could make 'em and get rich. I was going to be a mortician actually, until this new bright idea slapped me across the face. Who knows, one day I might pursue the funeral industry.....


(CSC) 4. Thinking back on your growing up, who were some of the people in your life that encouraged you to pursue your dreams?

(Tim Cobb) My Mom, first and foremost. She wanted each of her children to follow their dreams and live a happy life.


(CSC) 5. Can you take us back to the time when you first met Loretta and how did that all come together to have the privilege to work for her?

(Tim Cobb) 30 years ago last month was when I had tired of the company I was designing for in Dallas. I wanted to see what other options were available. I decided to go on a vacation to Nashville, always wondering who made clothes for the music entertainers. Being a fan of Loretta's, I designed two gowns I had in mind for her and hit Nashville. I learned I could get a directory of the music industry at the CMA offices. I went there and they were so nice, and loved my work. I asked them where Loretta's office was and answered it was just upstairs. Timmy took the gowns up there and met Lorene Allen, her office manager and personal friend. She was so sweet and wanted Loretta to see them that night before she left on tour. I returned later, met this barefooted little girl with long wavy hair, surprised it was the Loretta Lynn! She loved both gowns and they fit perfectly, so she bought both of them on the spot. A week later she called to tell me she had an NBC special, “Loretta Lynn in Big Apple Country” being taped on Broadway and wanted me to do the gowns for the show. She even gave me credit on screen. It just worked from then between us. I always saw her as true country music royalty, and my designs for her were inspired by that fact.


(CSC) 6. Looking back on the memories and experiences that you have lived throughout your career, what are some comical stories that you can share?

(Tim Cobb) Uh......not sure there is room in this article to tell them.....Ha.... Truly, I cannot share those, since personal memories are mine alone and I cherish them all so. I will say that she is the “mischievous tomboy” who does and says what she thinks, so she might misbehave at times. She loves to see my reaction at those times and usually it is at an event. That is when I gave her the second title, telling her, “You are “America's Sweetheart”, so we do not say that......” She told me to quit calling her that. LOL Truly, she is that sweetheart as most see.


(CSC) 7. What do you like most about life on the road living in a tour bus and what is your daily regimen like?

(Tim Cobb) Life on the road can be escape from life on the ranch, and we all rest up from one life when we get on another. Actually, life on the road is much more regimented since all is on a schedule. I know she will need breakfast when she awakes, and then I will tidy up the bus while she is eating. Love that new bus and christened it “Coal Miner One." All knows not to bother me or her 3 hours before the show. I take that time to do her make-up and hair, allow her to focus and rehearse, and dress for the concert.


(CSC) 8. When you’re on a long run, what do you guys like to do to pass the time on the bus?

(Tim Cobb) We travel mainly at night so, I LOVE my bunk! Catching up on rest is priority on off times, but I do love to get out and walk during the day to explore the cities we are at.


(CSC) 9. When you see Loretta out there on the stage performing for her fans each night, what runs through your mind when you see that connection that she has with them? It’s so unique!

(Tim Cobb) That was tough to get used to and it is overwhelming at times to see that amazing adoration. She is just the little girl from the holler to me, most of the time. But, it is amazing to see and I am so blessed to be a small part of it all. I become just as big a fan when I sneak out to see the show, after she hits the stage.


(CSC) 10. If someone were to ask you something about yourself that would shock or surprise them, what would that be?

(Tim Cobb) Most people would be shocked to learn how shy a person I truly am......LOL. And most would be shocked that I can play the piano and can really sing.


(CSC) 11. Outside of being Loretta’s personal assistant, you also design her breathtaking gowns and help oversee some things of the Hurricane Mills Ranch and the Coal Miners Daughter Museum. Where does one find time for all of this?

(Tim Cobb) It is overwhelming at times to be involved in so much at times. I learned well that when you get involved in too much, all things can suffer. I was blessed to be asked to design and have so many things built, be it tour buses, homes, and of course, my baby, the museum. I get OCD, and become, “Dressmaker Dearest” when it comes to her and her image. I LOVE the plantation home and had so much fun restoring the upstairs. As for the ranch things, there is no way I could have handled it all alone. We all work as a team here and help on all projects. No one is surprised to see me out in the dirt landscaping or out there trying to hold onto a weed eater......hehe


(CSC) 12. Having known you since 2007, it’s plain to see that you are very proud of your role as “curator” of the CMD Museum. The museum is unlike any other, when arranging the various exhibits in there, do you try to step outside the box and view it as a fan would?

(Tim Cobb) Always. I become that fan each time I enter the museum and still to this day in total “AWE” with her collection of her life and achievements. Thankfully, Loretta is a “packrat” and saved everything, which was stored in boxes all over this ranch. At 18,000 sq. ft., it is full to the brim and enough stored in her vault to open another museum the same size! Let me tell you that it can be so humbling to see someone staring at her first guitar, or one of her gowns, and stand there with tears streaming down their faces


(CSC) 13. Out of all the gowns that you have designed for Loretta’s various career milestones, which ones are you proudest of OR come to mind?

(Tim Cobb) My favorite was always the white and gold jumpsuit on display that has the shoes built in and a ball gown over skirt. My true favorite and goal is the recent totally hand beaded gold gown she wore at her 50th Anniversary of being an Opry Member. I plan to sneek it on display soon since it is way to heavy to wear for a complete concert. Loretta says it weighs 50 pounds. I do not doubt it and my arms were sore from lifting it when I made it. I also love her newest white ball gown I just completed for the west coast tour we were on.

(CSC) 14. Tell us what you strive to achieve in preserving Loretta’s musical legacy long after she is gone.

(Tim Cobb) When I learned of and saw her vast collection, my dream was to always get this priceless collection under one roof, which was scattered in storages all over the ranch. Done. My next goal was that it was protected for the future, for future generations to enjoy, see, and be inspired from. With help from her and a board, the museum is The Loretta Lynn Foundation, and will never be broken up and scattered to the wind in some estate sale. Done also......


(CSC) 15. Having recently celebrated Loretta’s 50th year in the music business, the Coal Miner’s Daughter tribute album and her upcoming Broadway musical, what “other” endeavors are you looking forward to this year!?!

(Tim Cobb) She has so many things coming soon. Much is recorded material not released. My guess she could have 4 albums/CDs released with what is in the can. LOL My love for the ranch makes me excited knowing there is so much more coming up in the future as for concerts and events. This past year was a record year for her ranch.

I am not here because she goes on the road and sings, though I do love that she does. I do what I can to see that she does absolutely, whatever she wants to, be it cooking, workin' in the garden, playing with her babies, or even just watching the newest episode of “Pawn Stars”. She has earned a happy life to do as she wants to and I love seeing her do just that!