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Scotty McCreery Interview

(CSC) 1. Thanks for your time! Congratulations on the release of your brand-new album, Rise and Fall. How does this record define you at this current chapter of your life?


(Scotty McCreery)

Oh, man, I think it's exactly where I'm at in life right now, you know, as far as being a dad and a husband and you know, after doing this for 13 years and country music, I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on songs. I want to write the style out of singing and all that. So, to me I think it's the most me record I've made yet.


(CSC) 2. You co-wrote twelve of the thirteen songs on this record with your good buddies in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Tell us about that songwriting experience!


(Scotty McCreery)

Yeah, it was unlike anything I'd done before. I mean, I don't think songwriting retreats are a new thing. People been doing them a long time, but it was new for me. So just getting out there, you know, in the mountains where you know things move at a slower pace. And you know we put the phones away and all that, and just had our guitars and it was just like buddies hanging out while we were writing country music while we were doing it. So, it's pretty fun. And I think creatively, it took us to a different place. So, we wrote some songs we might not have written, you know, just, you know, in Nashville, or chilling like we typically do.


(CSC) 3. As a songwriter and having enjoyed 6 #1 singles, what would you say is the most challenging component about going in and trying to put together a potential hit song?


(Scotty McCreery)

Yeah, you know I think it's challenging, to not try and go chase what's the hot thing right now. You know, I mean, I've in in my career. I've seen the hot trend change 20 different times; you know. So just as soon as you start chasing something, it's gonna change into something else. So, I think you just have to believe in what you're doing and and right from the heart. And you know, hope people connect to it. And you know I find that typically they do cause, you know, if you're honest with yourself and your songwriting, you know. We're not any different as songwriters or artists than anybody else out there, you know, we all go through the same things in life and challenges ups and downs. And so, I feel like we're a lot more like we are different. And people relate to your honest stuff.


(CSC) 4. While most artists in the business live in Nashville, you've decided to reside in your home state of North Carolina. Why's that important to you and are there any challenges that come with being there versus Nashville?


(Scotty McCreery)

Yeah, it definitely has its challenges. You know, just not being here for all the events and even relationship building, I feel like, you know, I'm not as tight with some folks or artists in the industry as I probably could be if I lived here and was seeing them every day. But for me, it's just my roots are so deep in Carolina and my family’s still there. My friends are still there, my friends, when I was 2 and 3 years old, are my best friends now. Which I think is kind of rare when you're 30. So, it's just it's just where I want to be. And I've found a formula that works as far as how to make records, write songs tour while you know, living there instead of Nashville, and as long as it keeps working, I think I'll stay put.


(CSC) Which part of North Carolina are you in?


(Scotty McCreery) I'm in Raleigh right smack dab in the middle.


(CSC) 5. Congratulations on becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry! Invited by Garth Brooks, and joined by Randy Travis and Josh Turner for your induction (April 20th, 2024), it doesn't get better than that! What was going through your mind in both those moments?!


(Scotty McCreery)

Yeah, the invitation night with Garth. I was just shocked more than anything. Just wasn't on my radar screen. And just thought it was another normal Christmas show, and would be in bed before you know it. But garth and the opera had other plans which I'm so glad they did. And then, you know, the induction night. It was just such an emotional night, and it was a lifelong dream come true, and I knew Josh was gonna be there. I didn't know Randy was gonna be a part of the induction. So that was a huge surprise for me and an honor, you know, to have a country music legend like himself on stage there. So just an emotional night and dream come true. All my family was there, my friends, it just meant the world to me.


(CSC) Almost full circle, too. I know Josh is like a mentor to you, and I'm sure you look up to Randy Travis, too. It's kind of cool to have those 3 generations of traditional country.


(Scotty McCreery) Yeah, it was very full circle Josh has been a big part of my love for country music, even before I got started doing this professionally and knew all his songs, had all his records… and Randy Travis, you know, is a guy that you know, Three Wooden Crosses was a staple in my shows back in the day when I was, you know, back in Carolina before Idol or anything, so that’s super cool.


Visit Scotty's official website for tour dates, to purchase his new record and more!

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Barbara Barton
Barbara Barton
01 juil.
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I am finally in a place now where I can enjoy this time in my life at my leisure and listen to your music and enjoy your videos and interviews. I now have all your music and a portable player that I can take outside or in my room and listen whenever I want to. That’s an advantage of living 88 years, Lord has blessed me much more than I deserve. Thank you Scotty for making my days filled with joy and good music. Thhank You Lord for your blessings on Scotty and his family and on me and mine.

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