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George Jones Interview

(CSC) 1. You’ve been working pretty hard on the road lately. After all these years of touring, what is it that motivates you to continue playing shows?


(George Jones)

I would have to say it is the fans that motivate me.  They come to the shows and show their love and support. I am continually amazed by the young and old fans that come and sing along with every song each night with us in concert. I love being able to perform for my fans and I consider it a great privilege.


(CSC) 2. Please tell us about your latest record, “My Best Collection of My Recollection.” Why did you decide to finally release two songs on the project that have never been released?


(George Jones)

This latest record is a collection of a lot of the songs that I’ve done through the years that never really got much attention, I always liked the cuts but most people had never heard em’ before so I wanted to release an album that consisted of those songs. We thought that the fans would enjoy listening to them and I sure hope that they have.


(CSC) 3. You and your daughter Georgette recorded a special song together titled, “You And Me And Time” for this project. Since bonding over the last few years, what’s the best advice you’ve given to her career-wise?


(George Jones)

I have told her that it is hard work and you have to keep trying no matter what comes along.  She wrote the song, “You And Me And Time” that we recorded which made it even more special to me to be able to share that memory with her.


(CSC) 4. Tell me about the early days of your youth, and your first attraction to singing country music growing up in the Eastern Texas town of Saratoga?


(George Jones)

We were extremely poor and our entertainment each week was listening to the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night on the radio.  We couldn’t wait for it to come on.  I was immediately attracted to Country Music when I heard my heroes, Hank Williams, and Roy Acuff singing on the Opry every weekend.


(CSC) 5. You and the late Tammy Wynette recorded some of the GREATEST duets in the history of country music, what do you attribute to the chemistry you both shared during this period in your career?


(George Jones)

We had a great producer, Billy Sherrill that seemed to just know what songs we should record and he made them sound great. 


(CSC) 6. Being a member of the Grand Ole Opry & Country Music Hall of Fame, what does it mean to you as an artist to be a part of these prestigious establishments?


(George Jones)

It is a huge honor. Being asked to join the Grand Ole Opry and being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame were the highlights of my career!


(CSC) 7. You’ve been an important part of country music history… what would you say is the most important lesson you’ve learned so far from this business?


(George Jones)

The genre of Country Music has the most loyal fans in the world.  They will never let you down no matter how much you mess up. Their unconditional support and love is very special.


(CSC) 9. What’s your take on the current trends of Nashville, and how would you suggest they keep it real, and keep it country?


(George Jones)

I have been very outspoken about how I feel.  Ninety percent of it ain’t country but they say everything changes but my biggest problem is that the so-called “Country Radio” stations won’t even play the real Country Music. They play the same stuff over and over again, and most of it would pass for pop music, definitely not Country.


(CSC) 11. You’ve faced numerous personal struggles and demons in your lifetime, what was it that finally pulled you out of these dark periods of your life where many predicted you couldn’t prevail?


(George Jones)

Nancy Jones…She has always been there when I needed her most and she is the reason I am here doing what I love. I thank God for her and all that she does for me and my career.


(CSC) 12. What are THREE things you can’t leave your house without?


(George Jones)

That would have to be my telephone, my CD’s, and my sunglasses.


(CSC) 13. Please tell me where your nickname “The Possum” first originated from. Did it come before “No Show Jones?”


(George Jones) 

It came WAY before “No Show Jones”. (Laughs) I was given that nickname by some of my “friends.”


(CSC) 14. Lastly, being one of the most significant figures in the history of country music, what do you want your legacy to be known for?


(George Jones) 

That I kept it Country…



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