Lee Ann Womack - The Way I'm Livin' Album Review

Lee Ann Womack – The Way I’m Livin’


By Christian F. Scalise



It has been nearly seven years since Grammy award-winning country music vocalist, singer and songwriter Lee Ann Womack released a new album. Needless to say, the long awaited musical hiatus is finally over and the moment for Lee Ann’s rightful return to music has arrived.


Since parting ways with longtime label MCA/UMG Nashville, Womack signed onto roots label, Sugar Hill Records; holding credits for many critically-acclaimed albums including Dolly Parton’s trio of award-winning Bluegrass records “The Grass Is Blue,” “Little Sparrow” and “Halos & Horns.” 


The Way I’m Livin’ is produced by Womack’s husband Frank Liddell, the genius behind Miranda Lambert and David Nail’s award-winning work, and Chuck Ainlay and Glenn Worf for Carnival Productions.  


Made purely for the sake of the songs and the spark of the musical performances, the album features the songs of Chris Knight, Mindy Smith, Buddy Miller, Mando Saenz, Hayes Carll, Neil Young, Bruce Robison and Roger Miller.


Raised listening to country greats Ray Price, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn; Lee Ann has always stood out from other artists for the simple fact that she consumes every aspect of what a song is truly about; the hurt, the emotion and the connection that bridges the gap between singer and listener.


While country radio remains heavily dominated by male singers, the "bro-country" movement and country-rap infused creations, which equates to C-R-A-P when you mix the two, the timing of this grand offering of emotionally charged songs, prolific songwriting and killer musicians couldn't come any sooner. The absence of women and traditional country is greatly missed and this style of music is vital to the foundation of country music itself. Thankfully, “The Way I’m Livin’” gives a breath of fresh air to the senses compliments of one of the finest voices in country music. A true disciple to all things country, Lee Ann Womack’s outstanding vocal range has never been limited by songs sung in the studio or on the stage.


Lee Ann’s unique approach to taking songs regardless of genre and transforming them into something pleasantly unexpected is a rare and true talent much to be appreciated. This new record is packed with raw emotion, authenticity, songs that will move your senses and touch your soul!


All 13 tracks are pure bliss but a few of the highlights from the album are “Fly,” a stripped-down acoustic arrangement that showcases the gentleness and purity in Womack’s voice, “Chances Are,” a recollection of love lost, the realization of mistakes made and the steps that one takes by seeking forgiveness, eventually hoping for a second shot at love.


Fans will be extremely delighted to hear the uplifting Gospel tune, “All His Saints.” Seasoned with a bit of southern flair, the song tells of an everlasting celebration in the Kingdom of Heaven. In a come to Jesus moment, Lee Ann challenges the listener to take a spiritual journey with her on this beautifully crafted song. Longtime fans could consider it a sequel to “Get Up in Jesus’ Name” from Womack’s 1997 self-titled debut album.  


“Send It On Down,” is a delicate song about breaking away from a painful experience and calling upon the Lord for guidance and direction. The song’s lyrics are painful yet at the same time relatable. We have all been in a situation where the hardest part of living is moving on and letting go.


Emotions run high and the senses are compromised on “Don’t Listen To The Wind.” Honest intentions are questioned by the haunting memory of past hurts. Love and lies are the center of attention and your guarded heart is not quite sure whether to trust or give in. Lee Ann’s effortless vocal performance will send chills down your spine.


Almost every song on the album features background vocals from both of Lee Ann’s daughters which makes it even more special. One song in particular, “Same Kind of Different” showcases the sweet harmonization of both daughters’ with their mother on lead. The song tells of two people’s opposing personalities, personal struggles and the different paths taken in life. Somehow these intertwined souls find common ground through their differences.


“Nightwind” is another fascinating tune where one bids farewell to a former lover but is torn between what was and what could have been. Finding personal strength and growth through the heartbreak may not be easy, but this is a task that Lee Ann fully takes on from both a vocal and emotional standpoint.


The Way I'm Livin' is a complete relief to all those who are starving for the moaning of the pedal steel, sweet sounds of the mandolin and reassuring resonance of the fiddle. Thank God for Lee Ann Womack who represents country music with respect, pride and honor!!


The Way I’m Livin’ not only has substance but bleeds pure and true and because of that it without a doubt receives FIVE stars!!



Pre-order The Way I’m Livin’ right here:  http://sugarhillrecords.portmerch.com/stores/product.php?productid=19240



Track Listing:


1. (Prelude) Fly

2. All His Saints

3. Chances Are

4. The Way I’m Livin’

5. Send It On Down

6. Don’t Listen To The Wind

7. Same Kind Of Different

8. Out On The Weekend

9. Nightwind

10. Sleeping With The Devil

11. Not Forgotten You

12. Tomorrow Night In Baltimore

13. When I Come Around



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