Lady Antebellum Interview (August 2010)

(CSC) 1. Great to catch up again with you! How have you been enjoying the great success of your latest record “Need You Now” so far?!?


(Lady Antebellum)

The most exciting thing for us has been the response when we perform “Need You Now” out on tour. In some places we have just let the audience sing the entire last line of the song and it is exhilarating to hear thousands of voices sing it back to us.



(CSC) 2. On September 20th, you will embark on your first-ever headlining tour! What do you plan to bring to the table to make this tour highly memorable?


(Lady Antebellum)

Our fall tour will be the first time we have ever really been able to create a full show with production and everything. Usually we’re performing in front of someone else’s set, so our stage space is limited. We’re getting really excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on…it’s been in our heads for so long, so we can’t wait to see it all come to reality.



(CSC) 3. Thinking back on the days that the three of you were playing local clubs and bars around Nashville, how does the unbelievable course that your careers have taken resonate with you?


(Lady Antebellum)

So much has happened since the days of playing the clubs in Nashville, but that was only 3 years ago. We each hoped we would enjoy this kind of response, but I don’t think any of us thought it would come this quickly.  We still have so much more we want to do though. We’re thrilled to get to perform more songs every night and to get the opportunity to record a new record before too long.



(CSC) 4. At this moment in your lives, how do you manage to make time for yourselves to let loose and relax when you’re not working?


(Lady Antebellum)

We’ve all become so close with the band and crew we have with us, so even when we’re on the road, we are all great friends and find time to enjoy hanging out with each other wherever we are.  But, the moments when we’re home, we usually scatter and catch up with our family and friends…but, after a day or so we’re calling each other to see what everyone is doing, so we can’t really get away from each other.



(CSC) 5. What skills or techniques have you honed from watching other artists like Reba, Martina McBride and Tim McGraw perform at their live shows?


(Lady Antebellum)

There is no better training camp than watching these guys put on their shows. They each do it a little differently, so we have had the benefit of taking in what they all do, and see what works best for us.  We are such big fans of everyone we have had the opportunity to work with, and just being able to watch them from the side of the stage and talk to them about their journey has given us incredible insight.



(CSC) 6. What’s the most exciting opportunity that you’ve been able to be a part of since becoming mega-stars this past year?!


(Lady Antebellum)

I don’t think any of us would see ourselves as mega-stars (ha-ha), but we have had a couple really touching moments that have been special for us.  We have visited a number of children’s hospitals, and seeing their faces light up is really touching…their strength and courage is really inspiring. During CMA Music Festival week, we held our annual fan club party and were able to donate all the proceeds to some really deserving charities after the horrible flood that hit Nashville in May. So, there have been a lot of career moments we’ll never forget, but to feel like we have helped make an impact on other people is really special to us.



(CSC) 7. What do you attribute to your numerous ACM (Academy Of Country Music), CMA (Country Music Association), and Grammy awards to and how do they inspire you to excel further?


(Lady Antebellum)

The recognition we have been fortunate enough to receive has been overwhelming. But, as much as for us, they’re for all the people who make it all happen. It takes so many people to pull this off, so we like to share those with all of them.



(CSC) 8. What do you want to share about yourselves with our readers that may have just started beginning to listen to your music?


(Lady Antebellum)

We’re really a lot more boring than people think!!  We show our fun & silly sides in our Webisode Wednesdays each week, but I think everyone would be surprised how un-eventful our lives are most of the time.



(CSC) 9. Finish the following sentence. “In the next two years LADY ANTEBELLUM would like to be………….”


(Lady Antebellum)

…on vacation!! We’re kidding. In the next two years we would like to have another album out there so we have enough songs to put together what we hope will be a really great show for the fans. And then go on vacation.



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