Kenny Rogers at Arcada Theatre 9.7.2012

“Kenny Rogers Celebrates 50 Years of Music”


By Christian Scalise



Country Music’s most revered icon, Kenny Rogers visited the historic Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois on Friday September 7th, 2012. Tucked away along the Fox River, the beautiful eighty-six year old theatre boasts an intimate setting with rich décor and stellar acoustics. It is also worth mentioning that this past September 6th marked the 86th anniversary of the theatre opening its doors to the public.


Inside the packed theatre, the rowdy crowd awaited Kenny’s arrival. Mr. Onesti of Onesti Entertainment took the stage beforehand to warm up the audience by giving away autographed Kenny Rogers posters and other prizes during a delightful and comedic trivia game.


Taking the stage around 8:30pm, Kenny opened the show with “Love or Something Like It,” “It’s A Beautiful Life,” If You Want To Find Love,” fan favorite “Through The Years,” and “You Decorated My Life.” The opening selection of hits reminded the audience once again why after 50 years in the business; Kenny Rogers is still out there making music and going strong. Being successful is one thing, but maintaining that success is another feat that very few artists nowadays will achieve. In Kenny’s case, time has not altered his unmistakable voice one bit or his engaging personality.


The captivated audience sang along with Kenny on practically every song throughout the night especially signature tunes like “She Believes In Me,” “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town,” “Coward of The County” “Daytime Friends” and “We’ve Got Tonight,” the 1983 duet that featured Sheena Easton.  


Kenny shared stories and jokes from his career with the audience including vivid memories of former band, the First Edition. Prior to performing “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In),” Kenny jokingly introduced the song by telling the audience a little insight related to the song; “My audience consists of two different types of people, those that were born during or before the 60’s or those that were born during or before the 60’s but can’t remember them” to which the audience replied in laughter.


Kenny dedicated the sentimental ballad “To Me” to his family while a slideshow of personal images of his twin sons and wife Wanda played on the big screen behind. Kenny told the audience that having kids this late in your life either makes you or breaks you, and according to Kenny, he’s leaning heavily towards break.


We’d also like to mention that on October 2nd, Kenny will release his highly anticipated book, “Luck or Something Like It; A Memoir.” Be sure to check out his official website for details on the release and book tour.


The entire evening was full of cherished songs, laughter and sensational entertainment by the one and only, Kenny Rogers! Closing out the show, Kenny thanked the audience for coming and served up one more round of hits including “The Gambler,” “Lucille,” “Lady” and “Islands In The Stream.” The show ended around 9:45pm.


Set List:


1. Love or Something Like It


2. It’s A Beautiful Life


3. If You Want To Find Love


4. Through The Years


5. You Decorated My Life


6. She Believes In Me


7. Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town


8. To Me


9. Coward of the County


10. Daytime Friends


11. Buy Me A Rose


12. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)


13. We’ve Got Tonight


14. Stand Up (Mel McDaniel Cover)


15. Have A Little Faith In Me


16. The Gambler


17. Lucille


18. Lady


19. Islands In The Stream


Enjoy photos from the show below: