Kellie Pickler at Stephenson County Fair 7.13.2013

“Kellie Pickler at Stephenson County Fair”


By Christian Scalise


Country music’s favorite sweetheart, Black River Entertainment recording artist Kellie Pickler performed at the Stephenson County Fair in Freeport on Saturday July 13th, 2013. The reigning Dancing With The Stars Champion brought her greatest hits to the stage accompanied by her southern charm and quick wit.


Opening her show with “Little House On The Highway,” “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful,” “Makin’ Me Fall In Love Again,” “Tough” and “Stop Cheatin’ On Me,” Kellie took the stage wearing a white tank top, jeans and boots.  She welcomed the audience with a big smile and told them how thankful she was to be performing for them.


Kellie spoke about her love for traditional country music and mentioned how she regretted not being able to meet Tammy Wynette. She dedicated “Where’s Tammy Wynette,” a song from her “100 Proof” album to the late legend. She also told how her grandfather had a favorite song, and went on to cover George Jone’s classic, “White Lightning.” Of course Kellie paid homage to the country great by telling the audience how big of a loss it was for the country music family when he passed away earlier this year.


One of Kellie’s most admirable qualities is her genuine spirit and loving heart. She truly cares for her fans, knows the history of country music, and has a great respect for all the artists that paved the way before her. It isn’t uncommon to hear Kellie talking up Dolly, Tammy, Loretta or Jones at one of her shows; in fact, she almost always throws in a few covers from those country pioneers into her shows!


The country music family is very blessed to have Kellie Pickler as one of their own. She is a refreshing beam of excitement and youthfulness. Her live concerts are engaging and entertaining. She makes a point of interacting with her audience by connecting with them on a personal level. Kellie has come a long way since the days of American Idol, and will continue to succeed in her endeavors because she is hard working, determined and dedicated to her craft. It is only natural that she becomes a member of the Grand Ole Opry family next; she couldn’t be any more deserving of that honor, and we hope the Opry family feels the same way!  


Kellie gave the audience a sneak-peek of some of her new material as well. Her latest single, “Someone Somewhere Tonight,” is a tender ballad about the sacredness of life and death, and the power of love. The video was just released to iTunes, and features her dancing partner Derek Hough in it. The other song, “Ring For Sale,” is a tune that Kellie said she was inspired to write after a good friend of hers going through a divorce asked her to write about it. Kellie told the audience that she hopes to release the album this fall.


Closing out the show, Kellie performed the heartfelt story song “I Wonder,” “Best Days Of Your Life,” and last but not least, “Red High Heels.” We wish Kellie the best and as always, continued success with her career. Lastly, we would like to suggest that Kellie hires a steel player for the band. We really believe that it would make the perfect addition to her already phenomenal cast of musicians!!


Set List:


1. Little House On The Highway


2. Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful


3. Makin’ Me Fall In Love Again


4. Tough


5. Stop Cheatin’ On Me


6. Where’s Tammy Wynette


7. Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind


8. My Angel


9. White Lighting (Cover)


10. I Wanna Be Married (I Wanna Be Single Too)


11. Someone Somewhere Tonight


12. Ring For Sale


13. Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You


14. I Wonder


15. Best Days Of Your Life


16. Red High Heels (Encore)


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Enjoy photos of Kellie from the show! (Credit, Christian F. Scalise)