“Jake Owen Living Days of Gold”


By Christian F. Scalise



It would be quite fitting to say that RCA recording artist and country music superstar Jake Owen is truly living the best days of his life at this very moment. A beautiful wife and baby daughter, a critically-acclaimed fourth studio album, first-ever nationwide headlining tour and a hit single at the #11 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts would make any well-deserving musician proud; and rightly so Jake has earned every bit of this success.


On Thursday evening May 1st at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN, the country trailblazer pleased his fans by bringing one of this year’s hottest shows to town for one night only with supporting acts The Cadillac Three and Parmalee in tow. The arena quickly filled with fans of all ages who greatly anticipated Jake’s arrival to the stage.


Around 9:15pm, a prerecorded video monologue played on the large screens featuring some comical moments, the band and of course Jake. The video ended by showing Jake on a golf cart trying to make his way to the concert, then the arena lights went out and Jake appeared in the middle of the arena on a smaller sized stage surrounded by screaming fans. He opened the show with “Days of Gold,” “Anywhere With You,” and “Beachin’.”


Wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, a pair of faded denim jeans and a blue Hawaiian Lei, Jake seemed quite comfortable and much at ease moving all over the stage in his bare feet. The set was designed after the Riverside Cafe in Vero Beach, Fla, where Jake used to perform with his guitar making only $50-$60 a night. Jake's personal vision to take fans back to the venue where it all began was flawlessly achieved. Large palm trees, nautical rope, wood pilings from boat docks, tiki bars, three large video screens and another larger screen centered above the stage that featured a dual staircase brought the show to an entirely new level.     


I’ve had the great pleasure of watching Jake Owen’s career evolve over the years as an artist since his debut, and this new show is PERFECTION! Very few artists are capable of maintaining a solid fan base, radio presence, pleasant rapport with the press and relevance as an artist in general, Jake is one of them and has come a long way since 2006.


Fans can now savor the masterful performances of this well seasoned singer, songwriter and entertainer firsthand. For those who have not made a point of attending this new show, I highly recommend that you do. It’s worth every dollar and you will be thoroughly pleased by its production quality, lights, sound and staging.


Concertgoers can expect to hear plenty of new songs from Jake’s latest album “Days of Gold,” in addition to fan favorites such as “Yee Haw,” “Alone With You,” “Eight Second Ride” and “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You,” which Jake dedicated to his dear friend Cathy by inviting her onstage to show his sincere appreciation for the love and friendship she has shown him since he first dreamt of pursuing a career in the music business.


Jake engaged in conversation with the audience throughout the evening. He reminisced playing Fort Wayne at the very same venue as an opening act for Keith Urban and Brad Paisley in years past, exclaimed that the best thing about having his own tour was being able to do anything that he wanted and continuously thanked everyone for their love and support.


One of the many notable highlights of the evening was Jake’s unexpected and unpredictable surprise appearances in various sections of the arena. These special performances sent the lucky fans seated in those sections into complete fanfare. Showing love and gratitude for his fans, Jake shook hands and posed for selfies while performing in the crowd.


Closing out the fantastic evening of music, Jake had the entire arena on their feet during his performance of “Eight Second Ride,” before returning to the stage once more for a two song encore of “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and a fun cover of John Mellencamp’s “Small Town.” The show concluded at 10:45pm.


Country Stars Central would like to sincerely thank Sweet Talk Publicity, Jake Owen and his great team for the opportunity to review this phenomenal show!!


Set List:


1. Days Of Gold

2. Anywhere With You

3. Beachin’

4. Ghost Town

5. 1972

6. Yee Haw

7. Alone With You

8. Pass A Beer

90’s Medley: Friends In Low Places/What I Got/Chattahoochee/ Ice, Ice Baby

9. Don’t Think I Can’t Love You

10. I Like You A Lot

11. The One That Got Away

12. Summer Jam

13. Tall Glad of Something

14. Eight Second Ride




15. Barefoot Blue Jean Night

16. Small Town



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Enjoy photos of the show below! (Credit, Christian F. Scalise)