Josh Kelley Show Review

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Country music superstar Josh Kelley returned to Joe’s Bar in Chicago on Thursday September 29th, 2011 for an intimate headlining show. The multi-talented former pop star released a debut country album, “Georgia Clay” this past spring which has gone on to receive rave reviews from critics alike…


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Joe Nichols Concert Review

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Country music star, Show-Dog Universal recording artist Joe Nichols returned to Joe’s Bar in Chicago on Saturday September 17th, 2011 for a sold-out show....

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Kellie Pickler Show Review

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Country music’s favorite blonde bombshell, Kellie Pickler performed this past weekend Friday August 12th, 2011 at the Boone County Fair in Belvidere, Ill and brought all her greatest hits with her…


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Julie Roberts CMA Music Fest Party

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Catch up with singer/songwriter Julie Roberts at her annual fan appreciation party held in Nashville Tennessee during CMA Music Fest week. CSC associate writer John Matthews was there to cover it all this past week!


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The Judds Visit Ravinia Festival

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Country music power duo, eight-time Academy of Country Music Award and five-time Grammy Award winners The Judds visited the Ravinia Festival for the very first time in Highland Park, Illinois on Friday June 10th, 2011 for a long awaited concert reunion...


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Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers Show

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This past weekend, associate writer John Matthews caught up with Hollywood entertainment icon, comedian, and musician Steve Martin and his sensational band The Steep Canyon Rangers at the Woods Amphitheater in Nashville, TN for a very special concert.


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Lessons From The Mountain...

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Mary McDonough takes "Lessons From The Mountain" to the South with appearances at Gospel Music Hall of Fame at DOLLYWOOD with Dolly Parton, The Country Tonite Theatre with Loretta Lynn and The Opry Shop at The Grand Ole Opry.


Mary McDonough, who may be best known for the role of Erin Walton that she created and played for over a decade on the hits series “The Waltons,” has penned an exciting memoir and winner of the ELLA DICKEY LITERACY AWARD, entitled of Lessons From the Mountain: What I Learned From Erin Walton (Kensington Publishers), and taken it on the road.  After a reunion with fellow Walton cast members in Los Angeles and then an appearance in Washington DC at the Kennedy Center to sign the book, she headed South with appearances at the Gospel Music Hall of Fame at DOLLYWOOD, where Dolly Parton greeted her with “It seems like I have known you my whole life,” followed by The Country Tonite Theatre where the Coalminer's daughter, Miss Loretta Lynn, was over heard to say, “I just love you! You were my favorite Walton,” and received an invitation to join her at the ranch, Mary wrapped the tour up at The Opry Shop at The Grand Ole Opry.  The one thing each location had in common?  Not enough books.  Not only did each location sell out the stock on hand, but also sent runners out to secure more from neighboring stores.  The only sad note on an otherwise successful tour was Ms. McDonough's highly anticipated appearance scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd, at Barnes & Noble in Fresno that had to be canceled due to a non-disclosed threat towards Ms. McDonough, causing security concerns for the store. As often is the case, when a public personality is involved, there is an inherent need for additional security measures.  Not only for the artists themselves, but the public that is gathering as well. Ms. McDonough, who had already arrived in the Fresno area, received word of the cancellation early Sunday morning, responded with “I appreciate the concern by others for my safety.” And although she still would have rather made the appearance, added “I have to understand and respect their decision to place priority on their customers safety.”  Prior to Ms. McDonough's departure from Fresno, she accepted an invitation by Barnes & Noble to stop by and sign books in stock for any patrons that might still wish to acquire a copy of the book, despite the disappointment of the altered schedule.


“If you're a fan of The Waltons, don't miss this book and the chance to re-visit Walton's Mountain.”

- Ellen Feld/Feather Quill Reviews.


Ms. McDonough's memoir is the first from the cast of the perfect American family and is a poignant story of growing up on Emmy award-winning series The Waltons, playing the middle sister, Erin.  The show is still being shown worldwide and has fans all over the world. At the age of ten, McDonough was cast as Erin Walton in The Homecoming, the movie of the week that inspired the dramatic series and overnight, her life as a normal kid in a working-class, Catholic family changed. As McDonough says, “It was bizarre, fun, tremendous, painful, wonderful and different. It was definitely not a normal way to grow up.”


"Mary is a whole lot more than Erin on The Waltons.  This book shows how she's handled all the highs and lows with grace." 

--George Clooney


In the book, McDonough shares intimate, behind-the-scenes memories of Will Geer, Richard Thomas, her two “moms,” Patricia Neal and Michael Learned, and all the other Walton cast, crew and guest stars. She discusses what it was like growing up in front of America. In real life she found it difficult to keep friends and as an adolescent she battled depression, insomnia, body image issues and experimented with drugs in an attempt to manage the pressures as she tried to be “Mary-not-Erin” while alternately embracing and rebelling against her good-girl screen persona.


Interesting anecdotes found in the book include: How her very first audition earned her the role that would define a lifetime; Alternately embracing and rebelling against her good-girl screen persona; Life as an adolescent battling depression, insomnia, body image issues and experimented with drugs; How her mother responded to Mary's auditioning for role of Regan in The Exorcist (that went to friend Linda Blair); Becoming a an activist/expert on health issues she personally faced after obtaining silicone implants and being diagnosed with Lupus; as well as recent career roles on Boston Legal, The New Adventures of Old Christine, ER, Will Grace to name a few.


"A fascinating look at what it's like to grow up in front of and beyond the cameras."

-- Eve Plumb


After the series ended, McDonough details how she tried to reinvent herself with artificial help and almost died. Over a period of ten years, McDonough's health deteriorated and she suffered rashes all over her body, headaches, chronic fatigue, sore joints, and severe allergy attacks. Following the birth of her daughter Sydnee, McDonough's health went up and down and she had low-grade fevers and flu-like symptoms for years. She developed ulcers, began losing her hair, and developed lumps in her back and leg. Despite the various medications she was taking nothing seemed to help. After seeing doctor after doctor she was correctly diagnosed with Lupus, a connective tissue disease that affects the immune system. 


Following her diagnosis, McDonough went on to become Founding President of Lupus LA and has for the more than fourteen years been a citizen activist for women's health issues. “I know the families - one famous, one real - that I grew up with, the unusual experiences, the good and bad choices made me who I am today. I'm happier than I've ever been, not by trying to forget, but by appreciating and learning that I wouldn't be who I am without my journey over and around that famous mountain,” says McDonough.

Sugarland/Little Big Town Show Review

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Country music was in full swing on Friday May 6th as Mercury Nashville super-duo Sugarland headlined a sold-out concert at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill for their “The Incredible Machine” tour featuring Little Big Town and special guest Matt Nathanson…

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