Tanya Tucker Interview (2008)




(CSC) 1. Tell us about your new album ďLonesome Town.Ē What can your fans expect to hear on it and when do you plan to release it?


(Tanya Tucker)

Well I really canít talk about it because Iím not really finished with it yet, but I think itís going to be the best album that Iíve ever done!! Weíve got six tracks cut so far and weíll probably cut six more!! I may be having another record coming out with Time Life of some older songs, more like standards. So weíre going to go into the studio and start recording that in January with Pete Anderson, who is a great producer!!



(CSC) 2. What prompted you to tape your reality show, ďTuckervilleĒ and what was the most challenging part about being followed around by the cameras constantly?


(Tanya Tucker)

Well, Iím pretty used to it!! All my life itís been sort of that way. The only thing different was they were in my home this time!! It took a little getting used to at times. Some days I didnít really feel like it and other days I was OK with it. It got a little old to say the least!! Some days I didnít feel like doing it and neither did my kids. We had a whole room full of people waiting on us to film. Hollywood doesnít want to wait for things to happen so I decided to continue it in the name of ďTuckertime.Ē as opposed to ďTuckerville,Ē because thatís really TLCís. They own ďTuckervilleĒ the name and so we changed the name to ďTuckertimeĒ and weíre going to be on a new network and itís with my own production company. So we work when we want to!! When we donít feel like it we donít work!! So I think itís going to get the better of us!! Because you know weíll work when we feel good and feel like doing it!! So we work at our own pace. Right now weíre in the middle of the editing process so we hope to have something out in probably the next few months.



(CSC) 3. You first experienced success at a very young age. What are your thoughts on the young talents of todayís country? Do you think that they will have the same longevity in their careers that youíve had?


(Tanya Tucker)

Itís a little difficult to find the artist(s) that are going to stick around a while. I think thereís a few of them. I think Gretchen (Wilson) is definitely in here for the long haul. Sheís got a long career ahead of her. Sheís got a lot of talent. I think Taylor Swift is great!! There are some great acts that are coming out now. You know music is always going to be changing and evolving. Itís always going to change. Itís never going to stay the same as long as peopleís tastes change, thatís the way itís going to be. But I hope that Iím there at every change. I hope that Iím the one that kind of leads the change sometimes!!



(CSC) 4. This past year you moved from Nashville to Malibu. Why did you make the move to California and how were you affected by the recent wildfires that took place there?  


(Tanya Tucker)

Well I decided to move out there because we sold my property here and I was homeless!!! So we leased the house in Malibu because my daughter Presley wanted to be an actress. I thought to give her and Layla the best opportunity is to go where the action is and thatís Hollywood!! So theyíre studying under acting coaches and theyíre also home schooled. They have tutors. I figured if weíre going to live out in California, we might as well live somewhere where weíre gonna really be happy and of course thatíd be close to the ocean. And of course the California wildfires did happen. I was gone at the time. I was in Las Vegas when I found out that morning. Presley was there and we got her evacuated. Layla was with me. It burned right up to our guest house, right up to our property line. So we really got a scare!! But everything was fine and now weíre OK. My landlordís house did burn to the ground. How unfortunate. But Iíll tell ya if they think theyíre going to scare us out of Malibu, theyíre crazy!! Weíre Tucker tough!! Weíre not gonna scare that easy!!



(CSC) 5. You recently took part in the ďCelebrity Cutting EventĒ this past year in Fort Worth. You and your partner won first place!! Tell us about this exciting experience and how you celebrated your victory.


(Tanya Tucker)

Well itís for charity and itís a Cancer organization that helps Cancer patients of all ages. Iím very proud to be a part of that. Itís for a good cause and plus being able to do something that I really love to do for a good cause makes it a double whammy. I went down there and I had some pretty stiff competition. I was very glad to take home the belt buckle and the trophy. It was a wonderful opportunity for me. Iím down there every year during the National Cutting Horse Futurity. They have a celebrity event every year. Iím very glad to be a part of that and Iíve been a part of it most on and off since the latter part of the 80ís.I enjoy it so much. I love riding cutting horses. Itís one of my favorite things to do. I even show from time to time. I enjoy that!!



(CSC) 6. After several years of constant touring and making music, what is it that keeps you going and what do you enjoy most about it?


(Tanya Tucker)

I think the audience is what keeps me going. As long as there are people that really want to hear me, I guess Iíll be out there!! Theyíll have to roll me out there someday!! Thatís the good thing about music is you can always perform, be a performer. There are always so many things to do besides singing. This business affords us a lot of opportunity in a lot of different areas. So Iím very, very lucky in that way. My audience, my fans keep me going.



(CSC) 7. You recently celebrated your 49th birthday here in Nashville with your family and friends. Whatís your secret to looking so good?


(Tanya Tucker)

Oh gosh!!! I donít know!! Lots of make-up!! (Laughs) I thinkÖ.. (Laughs) you should see me in the morning!! (Laughs) you wouldnít say that!! Music keeps me young!!



(CSC) 8. Who were some of your musical influences growing up as a young girl?


(Tanya Tucker)

Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, Elvis, George Jones. I love them all for sure!! Even Frank Sinatra, I love.



(CSC) 9. You have been through some rough times and traumatic situations in your life. How have you changed personally as an individual and where did you find the strength to rise above it?


(Tanya Tucker)

I think my family of course, helps me get through just about anything. My fans do too as well! When I lost my dad, they were right there with me all the way supporting me and knowing that I didnít really feel like doing that show in Reno the next day. I knew my dad would want me to go and not disappoint anybody. Heíd want me to go and make the money and go on with the show. I didnít want to but my fans were there all the way supporting me!!



(CSC) 10. You had the chance to work with Dolly Parton, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Kathy Mattea on the video for ďRomeoĒ which featured a cameo by Billy Ray Cyrus. It appeared that you ladies had perfect chemistry on the video set. Do any of you still keep in contact with each other?


(Tanya Tucker)

We do!!! But we donít stay in touch as much as we should, Iím sure. In fact Iím trying to reach Dolly right now about doing a TV special about the legends of country music, the women. You know they always talk about the men. They never talk about the women in country music, like Kitty Wells, or all the women, that came before, like Patsy Montana. All the wonderful, great singers, that, no one ever talks about. So weíre talking about doing that in the very near future and I need to call her and talk to her about it. I want her on the show. I havenít seen hardly any of them since that time and thatís a shame. Thatís unfortunate. You know we do our thing and weíre gone!! But Iím open for it!! (Laughs)



(CSC) 11. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in your career and your personal life?


(Tanya Tucker)

Well in my personal life, of course, are my children. I did a bang up jelly job on my kids!! I think theyíre all three pretty fabulous!! My son, heís going to a school in San Diego and playing football, basketball and baseball. Heís very, very talented in that area, as well as in music. He plays guitar. I think he could be a great singer, too!! Presley, sheís eighteen and she wants to be an actress and a singer. Iím trying to help her get all the opportunity and get a jump start that she can have. And Laylaís also wonderful. Sheís been the light of my life!! Every day I wake up next to her, I think ďThank you Lord!!Ē Sheís just been a bright spot in my life!! Iím very, very blessed to have all three of my kids. As far as my music, just being able to keep my fans and still being able to be an artist that people want to see and people want to do business with. To still have some excitement in the business after all these years is a great thing!!



(CSC) 12. You have a great rapport with many of the legends of country music such as George Jones. What are some valuable lessons that you have learned from him about the music business?


(Tanya Tucker)

Oh gosh!!! We donít talk too much about business me and Possum. Every now and then we get together and talk about what weíre going to do as a duet, you know, because I really want to sing a song with him. Itís been one of my dreams to sing with him and weíre always thinking about when weíre going to do it!! That hasnít been done yet and Iíve wanted to hurry that up!! I want to make sure he and I get to sing together. We donít talk too much about business, though. Mostly about fun stuff. Itís great to be respected by the artists of yesterday and the artists of today. Itís great!!! I feel pretty blessed for that!! You know, part of the old and part of the new and maybe the bridge between the two.

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