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Marie Bellet at St. Patrick 4.13 & 4.14.2013

“Celebrating Ordinary Life in Song”


By Christian Scalise



This past weekend, St. Patrick Parish in St. Charles, Illinois was privileged to have country music singer/songwriter; wife and mother of nine children, Elm Street recording artist, Marie Bellet perform a very special series of concerts on April 13th and 14th, 2013.


Marie has recorded five albums, her first record, “What I Wanted To Say,” was released in 1997, and tells the story of a simplistic woman who wanted to express her love about the joys of motherhood. Her number one priority is family first, and the reoccurring message of upholding the foundation of faith, family, and marriage is found in all of her songs.


After earning her MBA at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, Marie sang duets with Alan Jackson, and recorded jingles and back-up vocals on off-hours while working MBA jobs in the healthcare industry.


Marie may not be known on the radio, or seen in magazines at the grocery store, but her message is so powerful, and her songwriting authentic. There is a unique sense of purity and realness that shines forth in her songs. Albums like “Lighten Up,” and “A New Springtime,” offer the listener a refreshing look at humanity, and all the unexpected experiences that come with it.


On Saturday evening April 13th, Marie welcomed married couples and singles to Dempsey Hall for a night of concert and conversation. The marriage ministry at St. Patrick Parish, led by Troy and Kathleen Billings, helped sponsor the event, in addition to the other couples on the team.


The hall was beautifully decorated with white tablecloths, adorned with colorful floral arrangements, and candles in glass mason jars. Glistening white lights and greenery filled the room, while the concert stage was decorated in a rustic country theme.


Marie performed a series of songs from her records on Saturday evening including “This House Is The Place To Be,” “Lay It On Down,” “A New Springtime,” “What I Wanted To Say,” “It’s The Little Things,” “One Heroic Moment,” “It’s Nothing Personal,” “Closet Space,” and a charming duet of “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off,” with her brother Mark Williams, who also has a great singing voice.


While the concert was most enjoyable, Marie’s music wasn’t the only focus of the night. She also incorporated deep and meaningful conversation about marriage, family, and everyday life into her set. Filled with humor, intrigue, and excitement, Marie engaged the audience during her performance, and they happily obliged to the invitation.


In a world that is full of social materialism, degradation of the family, and broken relationships, it was pleasing to see a forthright and genuine approach to preserving the tradition of all that we love, and know to be true thanks to Marie.


After the performance, Marie took time to meet with attendees and fans at her merchandise table. She has a natural way of connecting with people, and her giving spirit resonated throughout the entire weekend.


The following day, Marie gave another concert inside the Crane Road church, the afternoon performance’s main theme was geared toward children, mothers, fathers and families. Marie performed songs such as “He Is A Daddy,” “I Have Watched You,” “Ay Yi Yi,” “We Are The Calvary,” “It Was His Delight To Walk Among Men,” “Lifeline,” “Mother You Are Worried,” “Ordinary Time,” and “Without You I Can Do Nothing.”


I’ve been to many concerts over the years, and must say that I was completely taken by watching Marie perform. I had the opportunity to sit in on her sound check before the show, and she hit every note right on key. Each concert gave me chills, because her voice is gentle, yet her soaring vocal range perfectly accentuates her songs at the perfect moment.


The ministry of Marie’s music touched the hearts and souls of all who came to both concerts. Her personal testimony brought such an uplifting presence, never before seen in this capacity at St. Patrick Parish. The energy and enthusiasm among every parishioner was unmistakably priceless; these precious memories will last a lifetime!


Marie blessed St. Patrick Parish with many gifts, both musically and spiritually, but most importantly, her positive outlook and personable rapport with the parish was delightful to witness. Marie is proud, but not in a conceited way, direct, but not condescending, she left us all with a renewed faith, and hope for the future.


I would like to sincerely thank Msgr. Joseph Linster and Sr. Betty Ann Martinez for making my longtime dream of bringing Marie Bellet to our parish a reality. I would also like to thank the marriage ministry team for all their hard work and efforts to make the weekend a complete success. Most importantly, I would like to thank Scott Johnson for doing such a fantastic job with the sound system for both shows. This young man made each performance turn out top notch!!


I’d also like to send warm regards to Anne Brandys for helping set up Marie's green room, my assistant Tammy Calvey for all of her help, Fr. Moises for filming all the video and taking photography, and Becky E. for baking all those wonderful desserts for Marie and her family to enjoy.


I pray, and look forward to the next opportunity to have Marie Bellet return to St. Patrick Parish. I know in my heart that she would be warmly welcomed once again by our congregation. God Bless everybody involved and many thanks to all our generous donors and sponsors.


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Thank you to Fr. Moises for all the great photos!

Marie performing "This House Is The Place To Be."

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