Lady Antebellum Interview; May 2012


(CSC) 1. Great to catch up with all of you again. Tell us about your “Own The Night” tour and what have been some of the most memorable and exciting moments from the road so far?!?


(Lady Antebellum)

Just kicking off our first headlining tour!! It has been a dream come true to work on this from the ground up and really make our vision come alive. But a huge highlight would have to be selling out Staples Center. It was such a moment for us that we are pretty much speechless about it. 




(CSC) 2. Having complete oversight of the tour, what has been the most challenging part about creating the theme of the show, stage design, choosing opening acts and narrowing down the set list?


(Lady Antebellum)

It all has been an evolving process; especially the set list. There is always something after show that we can make that much better. We feel really confident about the whole production right now and may actually have it just right. 



(CSC) 3. What have the many years of touring as opening acts for other headlining artists taught you in terms of making sure that the show runs smoothly?


(Lady Antebellum) 

We know what it takes to be out on the road and live the road life. We've got the schedule and routine down that makes it easier to get into a flow and enjoy it all. 




(CSC) 4. What can the fans that come out to this show expect production wise without giving away too many details?


(Lady Antebellum)

We created this show for the fans. It’s all about us being closer to them and bringing them right into the show with us. 




(CSC) 5. This summer you’ll be heading overseas, what is the experience like performing for your European fans compared to those in the states?


(Lady Antebellum)

Any experience we get to have with our fans is amazing, but what is the coolest about going to see our international fans is the fact that they know us and our music. Hearing our lyrics sung back to us in an accent might be the coolest thing there is. We love that we can reach so many people in so many different places. 




(CSC) 6. When you look back to the days of performing in small bars and clubs, what are your fondest memories and what do you miss the most in comparison to playing larger venues? 


(Lady Antebellum)

There is a certain intimacy in the bars & clubs that we miss sometimes. That is why we created our stage in a way so that we can be as close to the fans as possible. We have a runway and a small round stage (b-stage) we perform on that goes half way out into the arena. That lets us keep that intimate feeling as much as possible.




(CSC) 7. What did the intimacy of those venues teach each one of you as aspiring artists looking to break into the business?


(Lady Antebellum)

It gave the ability to appreciate the music, the talent, and what it takes to get to where you are. It was hard work but we never gave up and we continue to do the same thing now. 




(CSC) 8. Congrats on your most recent Grammy award for “Best Country Album.”  Out of all the nominations and wins, what has been most surreal about claiming this prestigious honor?


(Lady Antebellum)

Oh man is this really us? It is just so rewarding and such an honor to be recognized for our music and know that the fans and everyone else really, truly appreciates it. 




(CSC) 9. Where did the inspiration for your latest album “Own The Night” draw from and how would you best describe it’s musical style?


(Lady Antebellum)

This record is really just us. We wrote almost all the songs and really took the time to put the effort into making it great and Own The Night is just something that we live by. Going out there and taking in all there is and really just owning it. We wanted our fans and listeners to do the same. Just give the inspiration to go out and embrace each moment for what it is and remember it. 




(CSC) 10. As songwriters, what do you enjoy the most about having the creative freedom to contribute your songwriting talents on this album?


(Lady Antebellum)

We get to write about things that have personally happened to us and share them with our fans in a way that is creative, enjoyable, and entertaining. We truly enjoy songwriting and absolutely love seeing our songs come to life. 




(CSC) 11. What do the three of you do after a show to relax/unwind?


(Lady Antebellum)

We hang out and play ping pong in Club LaBellum. It’s our backstage hangout with the band and the crew where we all just hang out. Club LaBellum always makes for a great time. 


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