Kellie Pickler at Boone County Fair 8.12.2011


Kellie Pickler Plays Boone County

 By Christian Scalise



BNA Nashville recording artist, American Idol star, and blonde bombshell Kellie Pickler rolled into Belvidere, Ill for the annual Boone County Fair on Friday August 12th, 2011. Located on a rural landscape of farm country, the fair welcomed hundreds of people to the grounds with carnival rides, livestock competitions, a whole bunch of fried food and most importantly sensational entertainment complements of Kellie herself!


Due to the uncontrollable conditions of Midwest weather, Kellie’s show got off to a very late start thanks to the rain and thunder. Finally around 8:30pm, the skies cleared, the rain stopped, and the beautiful country starlet took the stage opening her set with “Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind,” “Rocks Instead of Rice” and “Makin’ Me Fall In Love Again.” Kellie was warmly welcomed to the stage by cheers and solid applause.


Wearing a pair of fitted jeans, brown high heel boots, a black tank top and sparkly vest, Kellie looked as gorgeous as ever. This past year she married her longtime boyfriend Kyle Jacobs, and this October, Kellie is slated to release her highly anticipated third studio album produced by Frank Liddell.


I’ve had the great privilege of watching Kellie Pickler perform in concert countless times since her debut onto the country music scene in 2006. Since then, I’ve seen a young unknown become a seasoned vocalist and compelling entertainer with a refined stage presence. Kellie’s southern charm and vivacious personality have stayed true to form. She has a unique way of connecting with her fans and maintains the consistency of an anchored artist.  


This special concert event showcased not only Kellie’s repertoire of songs from her past two albums but also a handful of new selections from her upcoming untitled album including a song titled “Don’t Stop Rocking Me Baby,” written about her first date at the Cracker Barrel with then boyfriend Kyle Jacobs, a sassy modern day Loretta Lynn type ballad, “Stop Cheating On Me,” a charming tribute to the late Tammy Wynette simply titled “Where’s Tammy Wynette When You Need Her” “I Wanna Be Married (I Wanna Be Single Too)” and the albums debut single, “Tough.” Kellie told the audience that she hopes the new single would become her first #1, so be sure to request it at radio!


Paying homage to the great women of country music history, Kellie showed her full blown admiration for buxom blonde Dolly Parton on “Jolene,” “Two Doors Down,” and “9 to 5.” Kellie’s impression of Dolly was spot on, almost so good that if you closed your eyes you would have thought Dolly was there onstage.


Fan favorites “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You,” Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful,” “I Wonder,” “Small Town Girl,” and “Best Days Of Your Life” kept the audience on their feet singing along with Kellie to every line.


Closing out the show, Kellie walked out into the crowd for her performance of “Red High Heels.” She hugged, high fived, and greeted fans up and down the aisles while singing her signature hit. Kellie is a modern day country darling. She has unmistakable talent with a flair for music greats Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.


Kellie’s concert was one of the best of the summer and we’d like to thank Tom Ratcliffe and the kind people in Boone County for allowing us to attend the show.


Set List:


1. Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind


2. Rocks Instead Of Rice


3. Makin’ Me Fall In Love Again


4. Don’t Stop Rocking Me Baby


5. Stop Cheating On Me


6. Where’s Tammy Wynette


7. Stand By Your Man (cover)


8. I Wanna Be Married (I Wanna Be Single Too)


9. Jolene (cover)


10. Two Doors Down (cover)


11. Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You


12. Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful       


13. I Wonder


14. Small Town Girl


15. Tough


16. Best Days Of Your Life


17. 9 to 5 (cover)


18. Red High Heels



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