Julianne Hough Interview

(CSC) 1. Please tell us about your new music that you have planned for release!


(Julianne Hough)

The new album is definitely a departure from the first record. It’s a little bit more mature, a little edgier lyrically and even musically. I think it is just a lot more full and grown up. I’m thinking I’m going to name it “Wild Fire” but not sure yet. That is one of the songs on the record, and to me, it just feels like it is a strong reality and it is kind of “cheeky” because it is who I am; strong & vibrant. So that is where I’m going as far as the title of the new record.  I wrote half the record and I am really excited for everybody to hear it.  It’s so different from the last record.



(CSC) 2. This new record showcases your talents as a songwriter for the very first time. How did that experience resonate with you personally as an artist?


(Julianne Hough)

It was like free therapy (Laughs) but it was fun. The first time around with my debut album it was like, “Okay here is your song and you have three weeks to record it and go,” and I don’t feel like it was my baby, but this time around, I got to write and talk about things that were personal to me. Of course I feel more like an actual artist rather than just a singer; it was fun. I wish I would have written the whole record, but next time around I will.



(CSC) 3. Being a two-time champion on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” what did you take from the show as a committed dancer and can you recall the first time you hit the dance floor?


(Julianne Hough)

Oh gosh!! First time I hit the dance floor, it was probably right when I came out of my mother’s womb (Laughs). No, I don’t know really. I mean you should see old home videos of my family. We are dancing and my dad is holding me while I’m a little baby dancing. I can’t remember when I first hit the floor but I started competitively probably when I was ten as far as going to Ballroom and Latin dancing and before that like six or something. Being on the show, it has just opened up so many doors and opportunities that I got to actually do something that I love to do rather waiting tables like every other actor/singer out there. It’s like I got to do something that I really love and boost my career opportunity at the same time.



(CSC) 4. What can you divulge about your acting debut in the movie “Burlesque,” and the opportunity to work alongside icon Cher?


(Julianne Hough)

“Burlesque” was so great to be a part of. I played a red head that gets pregnant. So I can’t dance in the club anymore. That is where Christina Aguilera takes my part in the club. Cher was so great to be around and work with. I have a really great scene with her and she was just super cool and knew exactly what to say to pump you up and get you in the mood for the scene.  She was a big support and I got to know her really well.  Kristen Bell became a really good friend of mine actually through us filming the movie together.  



(CSC) 5. Growing up in Sandy, Utah being one of five children…what was daily life like and how close are you to your family now that you’re a very busy star?


(Julianne Hough)

I think I am actually more close to my family “now” than I was growing up.  I grew up with my family until I was ten years old, then I lived in London for five years. When you are young you don’t literally think, “Oh gosh I need to have a great relationship with my sisters” and you just really take that aspect of it for granted. Now that I am older, I feel like we have a much better relationship and we are really, really close now. We talk every day and a lot of them live in my house, so it is pretty fun. They will come to my shows from time to time and that is always nice to have your family out there with you on the road!



(CSC) 6. Having an array of exceptional talents in dancing, acting, and singing… where do you find the common thread between all three and how do you balance them?


(Julianne Hough)

I don’t think I could do one without the other. I love my music, my dancing and acting all equally. People always ask if I had to choose, which one would I choose, but I don’t think I could choose. They literally go hand in hand with each other. They all make sense with each other; it’s not like I am a singer, dancer and astronaut (Laughs). They all just fit together seriously.



(CSC) 7. Is there anything about yourself that you would like to improve upon or showcase in the future?


(Julianne Hough)

I am pretty much an open book. What you see is what you get. There is nothing that I have to prove a point to or make a statement that this is really who I am, because I am just me. Everybody who sees me has watched me grow. I am definitely involving in changing and growing; things may come a little bit as a shock to people but they knew me when I was 18. Anybody who wants to know anything, I basically say, except for lately, I’m not going to talk about my personal life anymore because every time I have, it has been blown way out of proportion.



(CSC) 8. If you could record with any Female Country Music artist who would it be?


(Julianne Hough)

Probably Faith Hill or Shania Twain; those are the two artists that were my dream. I wanted to be like them when I grew up. I think they are absolutely amazing entertainers and really have a way of connecting with their fans.



(CSC) 9. Moving forward… what career goals would you to conquer next?!?


(Julianne Hough)

I would love to just do everything that I am doing now but have another record out and tour bigger venues and have a couple more films out. Be able to write more songs and basically do what I am doing now just in a higher scale.


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