Joe Nichols Interview

(CSC) 1. Great to see you again and congrats on the #1 single “Gimmie That Girl” since the last time we visited. How have you enjoyed the huge success of the song so far?


(Joe Nichols)

It has been great; it’s rejuvenated a lot of things especially our fan base. It is a big ole blessing that’s for sure. Just when we needed a big song one came along for us and we had another good one that we followed that up with called “The Shape I’m In.” It was a good song that worked really well for us and did a lot of great things. I’ll tell you what, the new stuff that we’re working on that should be out later this year, is something we’re extremely excited about. It’s looking good man and we’re pretty excited. It was a good year last year, and it’s been a good year so far this year so it looks like we’re in a great spot.



(CSC) 2. You recently released a greatest hits album this year; did you have a difficult time narrowing down the tracks?


(Joe Nichols)

No I don’t think so. It could have been called “My Only Hits” instead of a Greatest Hits. (Laughs) The label thought it would be a great idea to reconnect fans with some of my earlier stuff and some of my later stuff; it was a good idea and it seemed to work!  



(CSC) 3. Thinking back on your career starting at day one, what does it mean to you as an artist to have the hits and longevity to create an album like this?


(Joe Nichols)

Personally, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to fill an album full of select songs, that’s a pretty great feeling and it’s a tremendous accomplishment. It also feels like a chapter of my music career is over and I hope that a brand new and bigger one is just beginning; that’s what we’re hoping for. We have picked some good songs over the years that have turned people on and hopefully we can have another nine years like the last nine years; they’ve been pretty good to me.



(CSC) 4. When can fans expect an album of brand-new material, and what type of direction will you head with it?


(Joe Nichols)

Well I can tell you this, its going to be FUN!! It feels a lot like it did when we headed into the third record (III) with “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” and “Size Matters.” There’s a lot of fun stuff on this album and we’ve starting working on it and I’m taking it as it goes. So far it’s working really, really well working with Mark Wright and Buddy Cannon as well. I couldn’t be more proud of the way things are starting off and we’re about halfway done with the record. On that note, it’s going GOOD!



(CSC) 5. Tell us about your upcoming headlining tour that kicks off next month in Australia!!


(Joe Nichols)

Yes. We are going down to Australia on the 27th of April, our first day of media kicks off on the 28th and then we begin our tour on the 29th. This is my second tour that I’ve done in Australia; I’ve actually been there twice before and I was just there this past year for a few weeks. I had a great time in 2009 where we did about two weeks worth of headline shows. I have connected pretty well with the Australian country fan base. It’s swelling down there, there’s a really good vibe; an earthy kind of an organic country growth down there, it is really cool to watch and be a part of. They invited us back and I’m proud to go back.



(CSC) 6. You’ve played in Australia before; do the fans differ in comparison to those in the States?


(Joe Nichols)

They are actually similar in a lot of ways and in some ways they’re different. They remind me of Texas-country fans because I think Texas country music has its own kind of a vibe and its own whole. Australia’s country music is much of the same; it’s got its own thing. They have a great bunch of talent down there and artists that are great writers, singers and performers. I also think that it is really cool that they invite American country music to be a part of that!



(CSC) 7. Do you plan to allow leisure time during your trip, and if so what would you like to do when visiting?


(Joe Nichols)

Downtime is pretty rare but I love sleeping. (Laughs) I know that sounds like a pretty boring thing but when we are in between touring and out on the road, I love to get caught up on rest. With this particular trip to Australia I’ll be taking my daughter with me. We pretty much have a vacation planned in between the dates down there so we’re going to get to do some fun stuff mixed into the tour. She wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up, so what better of a place to study on that than Australia, so this will have a lot more leisure than a normal tour!



(CSC) 8. You are good to your fans and pretty accessible in the way that you interact, so why is it important to you to have the bridge from artist to fan?


(Joe Nichols)

Well I think it’s my personality, I hope so; I can’t get a real good accurate read on that, it’s tough to say. I hope that’s the kind of personality I have; being a very approachable person. I consider myself extremely normal (Laughs) and always try to be at least courteous and gracious. I know that if I put myself in my country music fans shoes, and I am a fan of country music; I love Merle Haggard, George Strait, Alan Jackson, George Jones, Hank Jr. and all those guys, I’m a fan of country music so I know that as a fan I want those guys to be approachable and likeable. I want them to live up to who they seem like they are on the radio, guys that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with; nice guys and pretty cool dudes. So I suppose that is kind of what I think about when I think about how I try to interact with fans and people that come to see the shows.



(CSC) 9. Would you like to record a duet with someone that you admire like Merle Haggard or George Jones on this new record?


(Joe Nichols)

I haven’t talked about it completely what I’m going to do as far as duets go and I don’t know what options are on the table but we talked about it several times about doing a duet with Merle. I would love to do a duet with Merle, I just think he is great and he is my hero; an all time favorite. I would just love an opportunity to sing with him one day. I feel the same way about recording with Jones and George Strait; these guys are my heroes and I would kill for that opportunity. We’ll see how the record goes. I think the one thing I don’t want to do is force anything that doesn’t feel natural. If a duet presents itself naturally with an organic chemistry then I say ABSOLUTELY! I love George Jones though, he’s the man! I’ve done dates with him several times. I have so much respect for him not only just the history behind him but also the fact that he’s still singing great, still touring, still works and he’s overcome more than we could ever imagine. The same with his wife Nancy, she has been the rock that guided him along the way; she’s a great individual herself.



(CSC) 10. Who is the one person in your life that keeps you grounded and why?


(Joe Nichols)

I would have to say Heather, my wife. She keeps me grounded because she’s not afraid to challenge me. She’s pretty strong willed, we both are, which can sometimes make for an interesting conversation with different ideas and different opinions. She reminds me of who I am when I need it most. She has known me longer than anybody except for immediate family just about. (Laughs) We have known each other for almost sixteen years now. She is a good friend to have.  



(CSC) 11. At this stage in your life, what have you learned to appreciate the most?


(Joe Nichols)

I would hope that the things that I have learned to appreciate the most, I hope this is how I am, is God and the recognition that something bigger than me has saved me and bailed me out, helped me along and loved me and blessed me more than I could ever deserve. I think that I appreciate that more than I ever have before. I would have to say as far as my career goes; the things I appreciate now are the fans. Especially the ones that have been country fans of mine for all the past nine years since my first record came out. I appreciate it and I appreciate their loyalty, honesty and devotion. 





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