Billy Currington Interview May 11



(CSC) 1. Thank you for your time and congratulations on having three #1 singles in the past few years! (ďPeople Are Crazy,Ē ďThatís How Country Boys RollĒ and ďPretty Good At Drinkiní BeerĒ)


(Billy Currington)

Thanks a lot and as you say, theyíre very nice to have; no doubt about it.



(CSC) 2. As a writer, what are the first few thoughts that run through your mind when you gather ideas for a song?


(Billy Currington)

Well itís always different for me when it comes to writing songs. Sometimes Iíll hear someone say something that sounds like a good title and just start from there, or just be sitting there playing my guitar and melodies will come out and words will follow that. Itís never really too much of a thought process just something that naturally happens; they just start coming out.



(CSC) 3. Tell us about your brand NEW album, ďEnjoy YourselfĒ and how does it define you at this current point in your career?


(Billy Currington)

Definitely when I listen to this album versus the first three, I could tell each year that I get older, wiser (laughs), more mature in my vocals and in the production itself. I feel that this album is full of good songs that represent me and where I am in life. Theyíre mostly really happy songs, laid back; thatís the way I see them and thatís just how I am.



(CSC) 4. Youíre hitting the road with Kenny Chesney this year. What are you looking forward to most about this huge road show and opportunity?


(Billy Currington)

Man itís an honor to be out with an artist as big as Kenny Chesney. Itís something that Iíve been wanting for awhile because I knew if I ever got out there with him Iíd be in front of lots of people that Iíve never played in front of; itís an opportunity to bring my music to those people and hopefully gain them as new fans. I hope that theyíll go buy the new album and come to the next show that Iím playing in their area. Thatís one thing, and another thing is that I look forward to learning from Kenny as a businessman and as an artist; see how he connects with his fans like he does and take some of that of what I learn and put it into my own show. Whatever heís done, heís done it right.



(CSC) 5. When you take the stage to perform, what do you feel is the most important quality that you bring to the fans?


(Billy Currington)

I think the most important quality is the energy, as a whole band. We always talk about it how even if youíre having a bad day, remember when you walk on that stage you have to bring the best energy that you got because you want to light these people up and you want them to have a great time, and walk away wanting to come back. It seems like every night we all focus on that; we bring a lot of positive energy to those people. I hope that every one of them feels it!



(CSC) 6. Growing up in Rincon Georgia, how has your Southern heritage played a role in your musical style?


(Billy Currington)

Well I was born in Savannah, Georgia and eventually after living on one of those little barrier islands for about a year, we moved inland to a town called Rincon; it was a little red light town at the time, a very simple place to grow up, a lot of dirt roads, a lot of fishing holes, and a lot of things that turn a boy into a country boy no doubt early on.



(CSC) 7. How has your southern heritage played a role in your musical style?


(Billy Currington)

Yeah, well definitely being from the south, you know the part of the south I was from, Savannah had lots of music and not only country music but it was deep in blues and rock and everything else. There were bands all over that type of world that played it all and I got exposed to that. I guess thatís why people say when they listen to my music, some of it sounds R&B, some sounds really, really country and some of it they canít say what it sounds like. (Laughs) I guess thatís from all that mixture of music.  



(CSC) 8. Iíd imagine you were the envy of every guy around when you made a flirtatious video (ďParty For TwoĒ) with Shania Twain a few years back. How did that happen and do you still keep in touch?


(Billy Currington)

Well the Shania duet kind of happened out of the blue, I got a call one day from her and she asked me if I would sing the song with her, that her husband Mutt Lange (now ex-husband) would be producing it and I ended up out there in Europe doing a couple of shows with her and yeah man, thatís how most of those type of things come about. Just all of a sudden and then next thing you know youíre on a fun train; thatís what that was. That definitely helped me out in my career and brought a lot of new fans to the table and just kind of got things going in my opinion. As for keeping in touch, I havenít talked to her in a couple of years but Iím sure that weíre gonnaí run across each other again and it will just be like old times. I was hoping sheíd have some new music out, but Iím sure it will be one day, but sheís doing what sheís gotta do right now. 



(CSC) 9. What was it like being able to hang with Shania without the cameras or the press around?


(Billy Currington)

Yeah I did not, I actually didnít because the only time I really got to hang with Shania was through work and there were always a lot of people around, so outside of that I never really seen her.



(CSC) 10. ďGood DirectionsĒ has become a big hit for you, and was written by singer/songwriter Luke Bryan, being that youíre both from Georgia; did you two ever cross paths back in the day before moving to Nashville?


(Billy Currington)

Luke Bryan and I never crossed paths before we both got records deals for some reason. I think I might have met him maybe once before he got a record deal, because I think I had mine about a year before he did. Itís kind of odd that we didnít because we played a lot of the same clubs but thatís what happens when one guys on one side of town and the other guys on the other; you just donít run into each other.



(CSC) 11. What have learned since moving to Nashville, and how have you applied that to your career?


(Billy Currington)

I learned that music comes along with a business and I learned that I definitely needed to learn a lot about the business before I got a record deal. I did that, I read books; lawyers books, publishing books, I read it all and that to me actually helped me get a really good deal when it was finally time versus ending up in a bad situation because I had all that knowledge. I ended up in a really good spot no doubt.


You know and the people, itís a three block town in Nashville, the music business itself and its very, very small. Everybody knows everybodyís business so I learned what things to say and what things not to say to a lot of those people; who to trust, who not to trust. Everybody is fighting to be number one; so I just gathered the right camp that I felt like I could trust and just stayed attached to those people and it seemed to work out a lot better for me.



(CSC) 12. Where would you like to see yourself professionally two or three years from now?


(Billy Currington)

Professionally two or three years from now I definitely would like to be in the same spot as Kenny Chesney, all the big names that you can think of, selling out arenas, playing football stadiums, having more #1ís, and just personally having a great life. What Iíve got going on at the moment is so good; itís hard to think what could be better.



(CSC) 13. Other than the Chesney tour, what else do you have going on in your world?


(Billy Currington)

At the moment Iím pretty boring, I only have this tour that Iím focusing on and itís taking a lot of time to get this thing going so my whole focus has been on this and I just canít see past it at the moment.



(CSC) 14. What type of set list can the fans expect to hear from you on the Chesney tour?


(Billy Currington)

Yeah well fortunately and unfortunately Iíve only got about 45 minutes, so thatís just enough time to play all the songs that have been on the radio that they know. I would love to be playing songs that theyíve never heard, all the new stuff on the new album, and the covers that I love but itís not going to be able to happen on this tour. When we get our own tour, Iíll be bringing out a lot more songs back to the table!



(CSC) You will have to come back to Chicago and play Joeís Bar!!


(Billy Currington)

Joeís Bar; yeah man I love that place. That place rocks. Thatís on the list; when people ask me whatís one of my favorite venues, I always say Joeís on Weed Street in Chicago. Itís just got something to it, I donít know what it is but the energy in there and the venue itself, the guy who runs the place, just everything about it makes for a very special venue for us. Youíll have to come and see us when we come back there next time we play!!



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